We collect most hazardous waste for example Lab Chemicals, Mercury Thermometers and Spillages, Batteries, Fluorescent Tubes, Fridges, Freezers, I.T Equipment, Monitors and Cathode Ray Tubes.

Please phone for full list.

We also collect excess chemicals for example substances that are out of date or simply no longer required.
This also includes non hazardous substances which you may have been advised can be simply flushed down a sink with large amounts of water.
This is not an environmentally friendly practice as it affects helpful bacteria at the water recycling company.

We will be happy to dispose of these non hazardous products in such a way that is helpful to the environment.

We will also deal with chemical spillages on aircraft and confiscated passenger items such as penknives and scissors etc.

In addition to the above, we collect and dispose of photographic chemicals for example fixers, toners and developers.

If you have animal or plant specimens which are often preserved in formaldehyde, then we can dispose of these, and if you are a printing business, we can dispose of materials like blanket wash.

If in doubt, please contact us.

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